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The Death Penalty: Justified?

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The Death Penalty: Justified?

Post  TheDeadMan on Mon May 23, 2011 9:58 pm

For as long as time has ran on, death has been a punishment for the most dark, unforgivable sins that mankind could commit. Humans and animals alike have both been killing off those that betray and/or ignore the inherent laws that all beings are born with. For animals, the perpetrators are usually eaten. For humans, there are many methods. Lethal injection, firing range, electric chair, etc. Mass murder is one such crime that is charged by most any government as punishable by death.

The real question is: Is it justified?

My personal opinion is: No. I don't think the death sentence is justified in the slightest. I think it's immoral, and unforgivable, no matter the crime. I see it as a huge lapse in human judgment, and a perfect example of how flawed the mass logic complex of the human race is.

See, here's my train of thought when the subject of the death penalty comes up.

By killing a man, whether he be a murder, a blasphemer, or any other kind of capital offender, you are stealing his life from him. You are taking upwards of 60 years of lifespan and throwing it away. Why not put him in a prison? Why not take actions and steps to where he (or she, this rant isn't sexist) regrets his actions and works to become a better person? If you show them the wrong, and if their hearts open, and if their minds are accepting, you will have gained a loyal citizen of the U.S.A. You will have possibly gained a politician, a construction worker, an I.T Support guy (Which over 70% of americans need daily, the useless twats.) or so on.

Yes, it's a small chance that the person in question will regret what they've done, repent, and work to make the world a better place. But a small chance is better than the no chance you're giving them by ending their life.

Try thinking about it for a minute. Would you want the country to give up on you because of a lapse of sanity? Or possibly something you were forced to do or were raised to do? (It's happened. Parents sicken me.) Would you want them to end your life? Or would you want the chance to realize how wrong you were and work to make it better?

Thank you for reading.

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