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Stupid people should NOT own dogs.

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Stupid people should NOT own dogs.

Post  TheDeadMan on Wed Mar 30, 2011 8:24 pm

One of my pet peeves and annoyances are the people who get a pet that they know nothing about, in particular how to train or take care of properly. I am an animal lover, and as such, it truly sickens me about the stupidity people have about pet ownership. In particular, people get dogs that are usually the dumbest. I decided to make this post be an instruction one for fucktards. I will explain to you what to do before getting a dog and what to do in general terms once you’ve decided to ruin it’s life. Pay attention dummies. Pick a breed in advance that you like and do some actual research. All dogs are different, some have different needs and common sense is that you need to find one that matches your personality. For instance, don’t own a dinky one floor ranch style house with a small yard and get a big Lab because they are so cute. A Lab needs to RUN, it needs space, and cramming it in a small house is a little cruel and blatantly stupid. A Lab is a working breed, it needs a job, or it needs to have something to do. Trying to take a Lab out on a leash to go potty without letting it run and be a dog… is cruelty to the animal. I have literally known people to do this. But they’d act shocked when any chance the Lab got… it slipped out the front door to RUN through the neighborhood. Duh don’t get a dog that requires MORE than what you are willing to put in to it. Since all dogs have different needs you should do research to find one that matches YOUR lifestyle. In other words; if you are a couch potato then get a lazy dog too. It’s works out better if you are BOTH lying around getting fatter. Expect work no matter what the dogs age is, and expect 100 times more if it is a PUPPY. We’re all suckers for puppies, and anyone who isn’t is probably storing a few bodies in their refrigerator. Puppies are ALL CUTE. But God Damnit: they take as much work a human baby. It’s not a joke or exaggeration either. They will cry at night. They rely on you for food. You have to clean up after them. You don’t GET to take your eyes off them for several months, until they are fully trained. Don’t bring a puppy home and then be so stupid that you don’t realize the commitment you have made. Tons of young dogs end up being returned to breeders, or given to shelters because the people who got it were too fucking lazy to put the work in. You are responsible for teaching a dog to be a good member of society. Train the damn thing. Take your dog to obedience classes. Be the dog’s leader and owner not their buddy, mommy, or playmate ALL the time. Teach your dog MANNERS and how to behave. If you cannot control the dog…. it is YOU; not their fault. Expect to PAY big bucks while owning a dog. They cost a lot. There are vet bills and medical things you MUST NOT skimp on such as annual shots. You will most likely out live your dog too fucktard, unfortunately. That means it will get old, sick, and terminal sooner or later. Once you make that commitment, stick with it. Take care of that animal like a family member and get it treatment. But don’t torture the creature and make it suffer because you are a big crybaby wimp. You must remember that you will either watch that animal die, or you will have to put it to sleep when it begins to suffer. I have seen countless people in my life do selfish and horrible things like let dogs continue to survive through horrendous health conditions to serve their own selfish needs. No ethical vet is going to make the choice to put your dog to sleep, they will only give you options. It’s up to you to use some common sense. If your dog has no quality of life, and is in pain or is suffering without much hope then do your beloved friend a huge favor and end it. Animals are not like people in the sense that they even want to continue to live. A dog in nature will go off on it’s own to die. They aren’t afraid of it the way we are. It’s about balance. You don’t put your dog to sleep because they broke their leg, you help it mend. Euthanasia is only appropriate when there is little hope, no quality of life, or pain. Oh and for the dummies.. if it costs $3000 to fix your dogs broken leg, don’t give it away to a shelter. Deal with it. Nothing pisses me off more than a cheap lazy asshole. Do your dog a favor and PROTECT it. Get a fence. Keep it on a leash in the neighborhood. Don’t let them run the streets freely. Don’t leave your dog totally unattended to for hours on end. Crate train your dog. It is NOT cruel to provide a cozy comfy dog den for your friend, and if crate training is done properly then that is what it becomes. Fucktards are always doing stupid shit like getting pets or having children. Someone HAS to teach them what to do goddamn it.


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