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The world is not your toilet, douchebag.

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The world is not your toilet, douchebag.

Post  TheDeadMan on Wed Mar 30, 2011 8:17 pm

Whilst visiting my local LOWES home improvement store the other day, I encountered nothing but fucktards. When the winter weather breaks and you experience a sunny day… the fucktards come out to shop for improvements to their homes.

Why can’t people with their big ass full shopping carts walk up the aisles in a proper traffic manner? Nope, there is always some jackass squeezing through the middle. Why can’t people park in parking lots without cramming over to one side too far? Why is it that some loud mouth has to walk way too close behind you? Oh and I really hate the checkout line… ‘tards can’t maintain a level of distance there either. They push their cart right up your ass, somehow believing that it will make the line move faster.

But the encounter of the day for me was when I had to rush to my car to escape all of the above annoyances. Some poor piece of white trash was unloading her 20 kids leaving me to stand at a distance waiting to get to my car. I got to watch her ugly red headed mini fucktard whip out his penis and PEE beside my car.

Yes, the little fucker pissed right where I had to walk to get to my car. He was quite proud of his stream… standing back and aiming it high too. I was appalled. I was disgusted. I found no humor in it.

I guess fucktards do not teach their children that the world is not their toilet.


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